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Tips to Developing an e-Campaign – Part 2

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Tips to Developing an e-Campaign – Part 2

By Helena Guzmán


I often get asked, How can I send to a large distribution list without all of the hassle?”. Here are some tips to creating a successful Email Marketing Campaign (e-Campaign).

Determine how you will send your information.

If you choose to use email marketing software, here are six recommendations for free and paid services: 1) Constant Contact; 2) Mailchimp; 3) Emma; 4) Campaigner; 5) Mad Mimi; and 6) Vertical Response. Another free option is to create the distribution yourself using the mail-merge function in Outlook.

When determining which service to use, evaluate the accessibility keeping in mind the needs and technical savvy of your target audience, as well as your own goals. Be sure to adhere to Good Netiquette practices.

Configure your distribution list into a Microsoft Excel Sheet.

This is an excellent way to import into MS Outlook/Word or online email marketing services. Format your information properly; i.e. assigning separate columns for the First Name, Last Name, and Email, etc. Do not add extra punctuation, do a spell check and double-check email formats and see if any information is missing or requires updating. Maintain a separate list of unsubscribes or expired names.

Craft and design your content

Targeted email should be composed and formatted at least as carefully as any other marketing material that a company would produce.

It’s ok to create your own material, as long as the information provided is clear, precise and consistent. Otherwise, you may wish to consult a coach, specialist or designer to assist you with developing content and design.

Create a user-friendly template, and place all of the relevant and crucial information in an easily accessible location that stays the same in each mailing. Often a place for bookmarks and links near the top of the email is a good choice. Also personalize your content to your target audience and always provide a link back to your website or information page.

The following is a list of more common functions that should also be included in your email:

  • Unsubscribe link (and link to your Privacy policy)
  • Links to product information, shipping/return policies, full articles, or forms on your website.
  • Link to email preferences/update profile page.
  • Phone, email, contact information and website (add social media links, if applicable).

Review, test and send your e-Campaign

Once you have developed your e-Campaign, review your content, and then TEST every link. Send a test email to yourself and at least one other email to compare. This is an important step to ensure that your content comes through properly. After all is said and done, add your distribution list and then hit ‘Send!’


About the Author: Helena Guzmán is a freelance designer, arts administrator & consultant from Helena Guzman Design in Ottawa. Visit her website at www.helenaguzman.com or follow her on Twitter @helenaguzman_.

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