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The Art of #HealthyU Meal Planning

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Ahhhhh meal planning.

I know what most of you are thinking. You are thinking that you hate meal planning, therefore you do not meal plan. I used to be the same way, and was in the same ole’ rut.

But do you notice that when you don’t plan, you get too busy or frustrated and end up eating not-so-healthy foods? I know I did.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

The best kind of menu planning and meal prep is the simple kind, I say.  Design Your Plate can share tips and tricks with you to help you plan for yourself and your family! Or enjoy a night out with the gang to learn easy and fun ways of food preparation!

But if you’re looking to plan for an entire week’s worth of eating then healthy batch cooking is the way to go! We’ll get together to do a healthy batch cooking and meal prep session to prepare food in large quantities, you and your family can enjoy meals and snacks throughout the week without a lot of fuss.

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