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As community organizers, we know all too well that we can’t do it alone. The ability to partner effectively with other individuals and organizations — both inside and outside the community — is absolutely essential to doing what we like to call “the work” of building healthy and happy communities.

Design Your Plate encourages creative and technical Collaboration among Community Partnerships and supports Not-for-Profit Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, as well as Local Community Businesses.

Our community partners enjoy special offers and discounts, as well as benefit from cross-business promotion.

Reach out to our Community Partners directly, or give us a call if you would like a recommendation for who can help you out.

Helena Guzmán | Arbonne Independent Consultant

Join us & participate in our 30-Day Healthy Living Program and monthly interactive workshops which incorporate holistic approaches to developing healthier personal and professional lifestyle habits. Co-facilitated with Certified Nutrition Practitioner & ENVP, Suzanne Tate, in English and Spanish.


C.A.R.L.: Communication And Real Leadership

Carl enjoys coaching individuals through the core competency of communication, while helping the achieve self confidence.
A professional Speaker, Carl is dedicated to dazzling his audiences with his messages of education and inspiration.



#eSAX – The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience is an entrepreneur networking community to create connections, gain knowledge and promote collaboration among regional Chambers of Commerce.

Haico’s Hot Sauce

After moving to Canada, Haico decided to take over the world of hot sauce by growing his own peppers and making his own hot sauce! Haico and his wife, Angela grow peppers in Ottawa’s backyard that vary from Hungarian Wax Peppers, Jalapeños and Mild Chilies on one side of the low-heat spectrum and on the other spicy-side there are Ghost Peppers, Scorpion Peppers, Habaneros and even Carolina Reapers (the current Guinness World Record holders for being the hottest pepper on the planet!).


Janet Salazar – Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach (Nutrition – Health – Fitness)

Janet Salazar is a personal trainer, passionate about establishing a healthier community and offers training sessions from a private studio in Orleans. Janet loves to empower people, providing tools & knowledge to keep you healthy, happy, lean and fit for the rest of your life.


Red MELOG (Network of Latin American Women Entrepreneurs of Ottawa-Gatineau)

Red MELOG is a network of entrepreneurial Latin American women in Ottawa-Gatineau where we can help each other and influence favourably our personal and professional development.

Ima Ortega Photography

Need a great business portrait, service or product photo taken? Need a photographer to come on location to shoot at your place of work or office? Ima Ortega can help with experience, equipment and creativity to supply the superb photos that you need.

Peak Energy Management

Peak Energy Management offers professional and personal coaching and consulting that inspires and empowers individuals, groups and organizations by promoting conscious choice, evoking revolutionary solutions to challenges, instilling health and wellness concepts and by supporting short- and long-term visions to success.

Sandra Tisiot

Sandra Tisiot is the Founder and CEO of the Women In Business Conference, an author and lecturer, a dance and fitness instructor, and for over twenty years has helped clients secure the best mortgage for their needs. Additionally, she developed a personal data management system called MyLifeLocker® that helps everyone manage their important personal information all in one place (Rights sold in August 2016).

TRIO Financial Planning

TRIO Financial Planning’s goal is to secure the financial well-being of their clients and of their families. Working together, they can help you to live today and build for tomorrow. TRIO follows the personal wealth management strategy, a framework which allows clients to understand where they’re going, where they are currently and what’s coming next.

Virginia Dupuis, SCA, Visual Artist

Virginia is a local Ottawa artist, and is a graduate of the 3 year Fine Arts Diploma at the Ottawa School of Art. In the final year she refined her oil painting practice by completing two Advanced Studios in oil painting, as well as two Apprenticeships in oil painting with a concentration into colour theory. Virginia is a juried team member of Art Lending of Ottawa and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

Women in Business Conference

Founded by the Eastern Ontario Women in Finance Association and Sandra Tisiot, the Women in Business Conference (WIBC) is a signature event dedicated to bringing women together in the business, private and public sectors and is reaching beyond borders to continuously elevate all women.


WOW – World of Women

WOW is a women’s social network for entrepreneurs across Canada! We share information and ideas with the goal of strengthening and developing our members’  business activity. We offer an environment which cultivates friendships and enriches our personal lives as working women through support, mentorship and community development.

Your Financial Launchpad

Become Financially Empowered Secure Your Future Gain Peace of Mind. Your Financial Launchpad provides financial literacy education for women – Financial Literacy Education to Help You Master Your Finances and Feel Confident About Money.

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