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About The Design Your Plate Project

I’m very thankful for the 9 to 5 jobs that I have had in the past (i.e. being a visual arts educator and scheduling coordinator), and since moving here to Canada (i.e. becoming a graphic designer, being an event planner, as well as a social media/marketing director). But frankly, I had too much on my plate… and it took a toll on my health and well-being!

If you had asked me 10 years ago, what my life would look like right now… never could I have imagined the affect of the Healthy Living Program and the impact it has had on my health/life and that of my family — the small steps I’ve taken have resulted in massive changes!

Throughout the last 5 years, I’ve been able to transition from burn-out, integrate healthier habits, change my appearance and improve my overall lifestyle — looking younger, maintaining a healthy weight, feeling better, working less, becoming happier, having more fun… and still having MORE MONEY in my pocket!!!

I am extremely fortunate to now be semi-retired in my mid-40s, and be able to focus on my family + health, as well as work on projects that fuel my passions + ongoing goals.

If you are committed to making a change, I will work with you to develop a strategic action plan in order to: leverage & maximize your time • create flexible & quick meal plans • plus incorporate and maintain healthier lifestyle habits in the process!

Want to learn more about how to Design Your Own Plate? » Let’s chat about how to create your ACTION PLAN for success!


Featuring Helena Guzmán

Goal Planner | Creative Professional | Certified Clean Eating Specialist | Arbonne Independent Consultant

Helena is a Goal Planner, Creative Professional, Certified Clean Eating Specialist and Arbonne Independent Consultant. She is very active in community networking and collaborates with women (and men) in the business, creative arts, wellness and entrepreneur communities. She works now on the Design Your Plate Project to help others become un-busy and adopt healthier lifestyles, like she was able to.

In her spare time, Helena enjoys spicy, healthy & exotic foods, salsa dancing, yoga, watching movies, and playing with her twin fur babies, Pepe & Paco.

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